Sponsor a Comfort Package


Lincoln’s Bunnies places Comfort Packages in local hospitals throughout the Dayton region, to help families who are experiencing infant loss. They contain everything that no one thinks to think about:

  • Resealable bags for swaddles, clothing and locks of hair
  • Tissues
  • A journal
  • A devotional book (‘Grieving the Child I never Knew‘ by Kathe Wunnenberg)
  • A candle (to light on Infant Loss Awareness Day, October 15th)
  • A handwritten card and letter to the grieving family from the founders of Lincoln’s Bunnies
  • Most importantly, we include a Lincoln’s Bunny, so no grieving family has to leave the hospital empty handed. 

By sponsoring a Comfort Package, you will be directly helping families through the worst days of their lives. Your generosity will never be forgotten.

If you would like to write a note for the grieving family, or if you would like to dedicate your Comfort Package to someone’s memory, please do so in the order instructions before checkout.