Providing comfort to grieving families

who have experienced
infant loss

Our goal at Lincoln’s Bunnies is to remember every child and to bring
hope and joy to grieving families
who experience infant loss.

“Every good & perfect gift
is from above…”
– James 1:17


We are David and Lauren Herman, proud parents of Lincoln, who was born sleeping on April 13th, 2018, and Sarah-Kate and Malachi, our rainbow babies.

After a perfectly healthy pregnancy, nine days before Lincoln’s due date at a routine appointment, we heard these three words: There’s no heartbeat.

Through our indescribable heartache, we knew that that the length of Lincoln’s life did not measure its significance. We founded Lincoln’s Bunnies in his honor, to hopefully help other families through the loss of their precious baby.

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How Lincoln’s Bunnies can help 

the Gift of time

Lincoln’s Bunnies has donated a Caring Cradle to Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio, and we hope to place them in as many hospitals as possible in Lincoln’s memory.

The Caring Cradle is a device that offers a more dignified, comfortable way for parents and families to spend time with their baby immediately following infant loss. By cooling the precious body of a baby, the natural changes that occur in death are slowed. This allows parents memory making time; out of town family to arrive; pictures to be taken; and above all the ability to hold, rock, bathe, and cuddle the baby without worry or rush.

Comfort Packages

Lincoln’s Bunnies continues to place dozens of Comfort Packages in local hospitals to help bereaved families.

Our Comfort Packages contain everything no one tends to think of: resealable bags for swaddles, clothing and locks of hair; tissues; a journal; a devotional book (‘Grieving the Child I never Knew‘ by Kathe Wunnenberg); a candle (to light on Infant Loss Awareness Day, October 15th); and a handwritten card and letter to the grieving family from the founders of Lincoln’s Bunnies. Most importantly, we include a Lincoln’s Bunny, so no grieving family has to leave the hospital empty handed. 

request a bunny

Being able to hug and touch something soft when your arms and heart ache to hold your own child can bring a small measure of comfort to those who have lost their baby. 

Lincoln’s Bunnies would like to send a comfort bunny to anyone who has experienced recent infant loss. There is no charge to recently bereaved parents who request a bunny. Please visit the link below to find more information on how to request a bunny. If you would like to send a Comfort Bunny to someone who has lost a child, please visit our shop.

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